Let’s face it, almost every young adult’s dream is to own a supercar of their very own, so they can put their pedals to the ground and really experience what true power is thanks to several hundred BHP under the bonnet or hood. Supercars are the ultimate symbol of status and success, which is why so many people aspire to be able to own one of their own. People with little to no real interest in motoring tend to find themselves drawn to powerful supercars, so can you imagine what keen motor enthusiasts think about these amazing pieces of mechanical engineering? Yes, it’s safe to say that supercars are considered the ultimate luxury in life, which is unfortunately why they cost so much money. The price of course varies from vehicle to vehicle but many of them cost even more than the average person’s house does. Not surprisingly then, affording one is next to impossible unless you happen to be especially wealthy. Does that mean that you can never own one without winning or coming into a huge sum of money? Absol tely not!

My name is Arty, and I’m a keen motoring junkie. All of my life for as long as I can remember, it has been my ultimate goal to be able to own a supercar of my very own, not one that I’ve hired out for the day or have paid for the privilege to be able to race around a racing course on a track day. I’m a keen viewer of the hugely popular motoring show Top Gear, which is where I believe I first developed an interest in supercars. Sadly, supercars cost a great deal of money, and on my humble web developer salary there’s simply no way that I’ll ever be able to afford to purchase one, even second hand.

So, does that mean I’ll never own one? – Absolutely not! As mentioned, I can never afford to purchase a supercar for myself, even if I did manage to save enough cash to buy one for myself, the price of the insurance would cripple me and leave me penniless. Before you call the police, I’m not thinking of stealing one either. I have however, come up with a fantastic way of maximising your chances of being able to own one of these fantastic pieces of engineering for yourself. How? By entering a number supercar competitions of course. The idea actually came to me when I was in the airport, rushing to my plane to make it in time for my holidays. On my way through the airport, I noticed a small stand in the lobby that was advertising your chance to enter a competition to win various supercars, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I had no time to stop and enter my details as I was in such a rush to make my flight, but for all of my plane journey, and much of my holiday, I kept thinking about the supercar competition. After my holidays, I came up with the idea of searching the web for trusted supercar competitions, and what I found absolutely blew me away. I was expecting one or two competitions, yet I found dozens upon dozens, and that was on the first few pages of the search engine. During my research, I was able to compile a list of a number of trusted and reliable supercar competitions, and I’d like to share this list with you now. Even though my salary isn’t the best in the world, I realised that by entering these competitions, I was giving myself the greatest possible chances of winning the car of my dreams. The more competitions I entered, the higher my chances of succeeding were. Even other matters such as insurance, servicing, and even fuel were not an issue as many of these competitions will even pay for these for a few years at least. In simple terms, by entering these competitions, if I were to win, I’d win a supercar of my dreams, and would have the fuel, servicing, and even the insurance paid for by the competition runners.