Best of the Best supercar competition

Written by Arty

These days, the latest hot topic has to be that of prize draw car and supercar competitions, with seemingly everybody these days wanting to have a go at winning the luxury car of their dreams. Amidst all of the competition however, one company stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that is Bestofthebest super car competitions. As far as these types of competitions and prize draws are concerned, you really need to be able to distinguish between the two, and tell the difference between a prize draw that is “free” and an actual competition itself.

Companies that offer “free” prize draw competitions that allow you the opportunity to win a supercar probably sound too good to be true, and that’s because they are. If a company allows people the chance to win a supercar free of charge, what do they stand to make from it? The answer is money from other companies as they sell your personal details to these companies for advertising purposes. Bestofthebest super car competitions however, are different. Bestofthebest are different because they run their competitions using a game of skill which is called ‘spot the ball’. They operate a margin based supercar competition that is not looking for the personal information of its entrants, and is most certainly not going to sell this personal information to other companies.

Are the winners of bestofthebest for real? – The answer to this question is yes! Most supercar competitions that allow entrants the chance to win a Ferrari, win a Bentley, win a Porsche, and other luxurious and expensive supercars are real because they’re a real and legitimate business. They invest money in their stands at various airports Heathrow, Gatwick etc, and they treat their business professionally. In these airports, bestofthebest have professional looking competition stands and they display their prizes for all to see, so you can get up close and personal with the luxury supercar of your dreams. You can feast your eyes on stunning looking Audi R8 prize cars, Ferraris, and even the amazing looking Lamborghini Gallardo. Not only can you admire these cars, you can win these cars!

Should you trust the supercar competitions run by bestofthebest in these airports? – Yes! The main reason for this is that the competition operators, bestofthebest PLC are quoted on the AIMS market, and all of their information is available on their website for all to see. Their accounts are also all legitimate and above board as they’re audited by a leading independent accounting firm. Bestofthebest provide the latest supercar models, combined with free shipping to any place in the world.

So, what can be won, and what’s included? – The thing about any competition is that you obviously aren’t guaranteed to win, but some would argue that that is what makes them so exciting. Each month, entrants will have the opportunity to win two supercar competitions as they currently feature over 170 cars in their competitions. Bestofthebest have already given away over £14 million worth of prizes to over 400 winners from all around the world, and these numbers are growing every single month. When you win, bestofthebest will even help with insuring and servicing your supercar, and as if that wasn’t enough, the cars come with a full one year’s FREE insurance and servicing, and are available in left or right-hand drive, depending on where in the world you hail from.

How about the odds? – The thing that makes bestofthebest stand out amongst the rest is the fact that their odds of winning are so much higher than those of other “free” prize draw competitions. The odds of winning these types of competitions are over 4,000, 000 to 1, which is virtually impossible. Bestofthebest however, run their trademark spot the ball competition, which is actually over 100 times easier to win than the other competitions. These improved odds come from the fact that the entry for this competition is pay to play, rather than “free” entry. Paying to enter competitions is generally much better and will yield much greater chances of winning because there is no ulterior motive. Bestofthebest aren’t secreted looking to sell your personal information for advertising purposes as they’re instead a legitimate business, which means that your private and personal information will stay private and personal, and your odds of winning a luxury supercar will be 100’s of times better due to the fact that the competition is legitimate, run by a legitimate business.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the website and try for yourself. Who knows, you may very well be the next lucky winner of a luxury supercar…