Win Your Supercar Competition

Written by Arty

For many of us, the thought of owning a luxury supercar is nothing more than a mere fantasy and although we hold out hope that one day we’ll strike it rich and will be able to afford to purchase the car of our dreams, deep down in our hearts we know that the chances of this occurring are extremely slim indeed. Supercars cost hundreds of thousands and are incredibly expensive to customise, run, service, and insure, so it’s no wonder we hold out very little hope of actually owning one. However, before you sink into a pit of despair then fear not, because there is an alternative method of owning a supercar, and it doesn’t involve winning the lottery either. How? By entering a win your supercar competition of course.

How does the Win Your Supercar competition work? – The premise of these competitions is actually extremely simple. Win your supercar offers three different types of luxury supercars. For the first raffle they offer a BMW M5, the second a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe, and the third a Nissan GT-R. The lucky winner of the prize will be determined once the counter reading hits 0. From here, the lucky winning ticket number will be automatically drawn by a fully certified number generator and will instantaneously be displayed for all of the world to see on the Win Your Supercar website. The lucky winner will then receive the car that they purchased tickets for to begin with. If they happened to have purchased tickets for multiple cars, they will then be provided with the opportunity to choose between the different options and to then customise their dream car exactly to their own specifications and requirements.

Are Win Your Supercar reliable and trustworthy? – The simple answer to this question is yes, absolutely. They have strict privacy policy and are bound by law to protect your personal data and information. That means your private and personal details will not be sold onto third parties for targeted advertising purposes. Win Your Supercar makes it their mission to provide legitimate and trustworthy services for each and every one of their participants. Take the raffle for instance. In order to be able to legally provide this service, they actually obtained a licence from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta which is actually one of the strictest and highest profile gaming based authorities in all of Europe. They file monthly reports and the everyday actions and goings on are monitored by the LGA constantly. By law they cannot gain access any forms of money generated by their ticket sales until each raffle has ended. From here the transaction to the Win Your Supercar account has to be legally approved. As mentioned previously in order to select a winner, the draw is carried out by a certified random number generator that is built into their website. This gives all participants and entrants the peace of mind that no unscrupulous goings on are occurring, and that their personal and private details remain personal and private, so they won’t have to deal with nuisance emails or phone calls as a result.

What exactly are the prizes on offer? – I mentioned the cars previously but just to refresh your memory, the supercars that are available to be won are:

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
Nissan GT-R

Once a person is fortunate enough to win one of these amazing vehicles, they then have a few more surprises in store for them. Not only can they win one of those three amazing cars, but they also won’t need to worry about fuel money, servicing, new parts, tax, or insurance because for the first three whole years, Win Your Supercar will pay for every single expense that’s related to the car, up to a maximum of £40,000 (€50,000). After those three years are up, the lucky winners get to keep the car and do whatever they like with it. If they can afford to continue running it, then fantastic. If not, they may sell it for a very substantial financial amount indeed. If for some bizarre reason, none of those three luxury supercars tickle your fancy, then worry not, because entrants can also opt for an alternative cash prize of £80,000 (€100,000) if they’d prefer! Just think of what you could do with that sort of money. It could literally change your life.

So, what are the chances of winning? – Make no mistake about it, you’re certainly not guaranteed to win when you enter these competitions, but the odds are far more favourable than winning the lottery, or any other similar competitions run by rival companies for that matter. Just to give you an idea of how likely you are to win this competition. The odds of winning the lottery are around 1 in 14,000,000. If you purchase just one ticket from Win Your Supercar, the odds of it being the winning ticket are 1 in 24,000, which is quite a difference compared to 14 million, I’m sure you’ll agree?! The more tickets you purchase, the higher the likelihood of you winning.

Still not convinced? Don’t take my word for it, head on over to Win Your Supercar and see for yourself. Who knows you could be the next lucky winner of a luxury supercar or £80,000 cash!